The Meaning of Shamballa

The Hidden Meaning Behind Shamballa Bracelets

They might well just look like any other fashion bracelet, but there are hidden depths to our range of classic Shamballa bracelets.

The Buddhist myth of Shamballa, is thought to be based on an ancient Hindu culture that was ruled by the mighty Kalki Kings, or Kings of Shamballa. It was their sworn duty to uphold the integrity of the Kalachakra Tantra, which prophesies that when the world declines into war and greed and all is lost, the 25th Kalki King will emerge from Shamballa (reckoned to be in the higher reaches of the Himalayas around Mcleodganj, home of the exiled Dalai Lama) with a huge army to vanquish “Dark Forces” and usher in a worldwide Golden Age. Using calculations from the Kalachakra Tantra, scholars such as Alex Berzin put this date at 2424.

These powerful Shambala Bands are a reminder of this prophesy and symbolise peace, tranquillity and happiness.

Perhaps the greatest lesson that we are learning at this time is that separation of any sort no longer serves us. We are moving now into Oneness. Hand in hand, together. We have struggled so long and so hard through the centuries with polarity, with so many challenges, so many false doctrines and ideas and at last all the walls and barriers are coming down. We are one Heart, one Soul, and one Breath. In the Oneness of All That Is.

These powerful Shamballa Bands symbolise peace, tranquillity, happiness and above all – the Oneness of us all.

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Shamballa Philosiphy

Ancient scriptures tell us of a mythical kingdom hidden in a valley in the Himalayas. A harmonious place populated by enlightened and compassionate people, the Kingdom of Shamballa when translated from Sanskrit, means ‘a place of peace and tranquility’. At Shamballa Jewels UK, we aspire to recreate that mythical place vibrant with the energy of creation. Our philosophy is central to our jewellery and to the way we conduct our commerce.

Evocative of spiritual icons, symbols, and prayer beads used since the dawn of time, our jewellery encourages you to find your inner Shamballa. The distinct way of presenting holistic principles of yoga and meditation with our pavé beads and macramé braiding is now synonymous with Shamballa Jewels UK’ signature style. Reminiscent of places near and far, of spiritual stories ancient and new, our jewellery is designed to trigger curiosity and inspire conversation.

Just like stars, humans can emanate heat and light. You are a star.

Explore the Energy of Creation.


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